Wedding FAQ

How would you describe your style?

By looking at my images I hope that you can see that I strive to capture a mix of natural, spontaneous moments and more “posed”, serious ones. This ends up serving as a great combination for wedding photography.  One of the reasons that I fell in love with shooting weddings was because there are so many lovely moments that naturally occur. I’m surrounded by laughter, happy tears, pretty dresses, colorful flowers, and handmade details. All I have to do is capture it. My observances become genuine images, and there is nothing more natural than that. On the flip side, there are moments and images that do need to be directed a bit more. We don’t always naturally stand close enough to one another, place our hands in a flattering way, or stand in a way that looks aesthetically pleasing. These things, though not noticed in everyday life, may be noticed in an image. For more dramatic images or formal images, there is some degree of direction so that the end result is pleasing.

What is the role of the assistant?

The assistant-aka Eric-serves a supporting, yet necessary role. Sure, he may take the random photo while he is holding one of my cameras for me, but this is not his main job. His role is to carry the camera bags, set up the flashes, hold the reflector (a super important job, by the way), help me organize family formals, offer creative ideas, and make the overall day as smooth as possible. This allows me to focus on my job; shooting and ensuring my couple is relaxed and comfortable. And, if you’re lucky, he may get wild and crazy and shoot from a rooftop. *I offer a second photographer as an add-on should you want two photographers for your day.*

rooftop view

What is the difference between a Basic Edit and an Artistic Edit?

Please click here to see how I differentiate and define the two.

What does a hi-resolution image mean?

All of the images that you receive from me will be hi-resolution. This means that you can print them and use them, opposed to low-resolution which can only be viewed on a computer or television screen.

Do I receive a Print Release? And, what can I do with my images?

Yes, when we sign a contract I will be giving you a Print Release for all of your images. I’m very flexible about what you do with them-as in, do what you want-print, share, make books, make posters, do what you gotta do!

How do I know that we are going to be a good fit?

Good question! Before we proceed with any formal commitments, we will schedule a time for us to sit down and get to know each other. I am a firm believer that you need to truly like and trust your wedding photographer. You are, after all, with your photographer more than any other person on your wedding day. Getting to know each other a bit in an informal environment is a good way for us to determine if we are a good fit for each other. Below is a quick little list to also help guide you:

  1. If you want a photographer who you can contact at any time, even with a random joke or piece of information, then we may be a good fit.
  2. If you want to get to know one person and have that same person be involved in every part of your wedding photography process, then we may be a good fit.
  3. If you like to laugh, go on adventures, and be outside in nature, then we may be a good fit.
  4. If you are easy going and expect your photographer to be as well, then we may be a good fit.
  5. If you want fun, honest pictures that represent who you really are, then we may be a good fit.


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