Basic Edits vs. Artistic Edits

Basic vs Artistic

One of the fun things about digital photography is the ability to edit and manipulate images. I bet that almost 100% of the images that you see everyday, yes, even on Facebook and Instagram, are edited in some sort of way! For my own business, I like to make the distinction between two different types of editing: Basic Edits and Artistic Edits.

Basic Edits2

Basic Edits are images that are corrected and adjusted on a global level. Adjustments that may be made involve; exposure, color correction, straightening, sharpening, color and contrast adjustments, and any other necessary changes needed to make a clean, basic image. Some black and white images are included in Basic Edits. Every wedding receives all of their images as Basic Edits in their wedding package, and the option to purchase Artistic Edits.

Artistic Edits

Artistic Edits are images that are taken further into the editing process. Things like retouching, skin softening, removal of stray hairs (or distracting objects), and more detailed lightening/darkening/color brightening are included in these edits. These images may not necessarily be drastically different from the Basic Edits, but they will be cleaner, more “perfect” versions. I always like to tell my clients that these types of images are the ones that you want to display on your walls (not that you can’t print and display Basic Edits, it’s just that Artistic Edits are a bit fancier).

Basic vs Artistic 2 Basic vs Artistic 3

Basic vs Artistic 4


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